Manufacture of metal parts since 1969 ...

Industrias Navarro Andreu, has an area of more than 1800 m² and a team of 20 qualified employees. With more than 60 collaborating companies and a portfolio of more than 400 clients.
Sales extend to Spain, France, Africa, Eastern Europe and the United States.


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Total Control of your Production

Possibility of controlling 100% of the production, automatically by artificial vision, performing a total dimensional unit control at a maximum speed of 40,000 pieces per hour

Thickness control

Maximum quality in the control of the thickness of the different finishes, Nickel, gold, silver, zinc, etc.

Technology and Security

Control and monitoring of all production processes with ISO-9001 standards

+60 collaborating companies

With more than 60 collaborating companies and a portfolio of more than 400 clients.

Exporting company to CEE and USA. We are prepared for large production manufactures, with very low costs. Our specialty is fusing capsules. We are backed by 25 years of experience with a very high degree of quality.

We have our own tooling workshop, manufacturing dies with the highest technology, both coaxial, as well as drawing or stamping. We adapt to the needs of each client, agreeing on the guidelines to follow.

All employees are technically trained and committed to providing optimal service to our customers and most importantly ensuring that the quality of the products is maintained at the highest possible level.

Warehouse with security stocks, to provide an excellent service and with a FIFO system.

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We are very well connected in the Santiga Industrial Park, with direct access to the AP-7 Highway

C/Obradors 18-  08130 Sta.Perpétua de Mogoda,
Barcelona, (España)

+34 937.191.700

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